Headache Trigger and Acupuncture Points – What’s the Difference?

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | March 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

Not All Acupuncture Points are Created Equal 337 acupuncture points exist along 12 main “meridians” that Chinese practitioners plotted 4,000 years ago. Your headache pain likely will benefit from but a few of these points. Interestingly, you will find some of the main headache reducing acupuncture/acupressure points coincide with the trigger points of Western medicine. …

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Inside the “Tiger’s Mouth” Headache Point, Part 2

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | February 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

Neck Rotation Headaches can occur when your neck muscles tighten. Press the Tiger’s Mouth point and you may see your neck turning improve. Part of the reason the Tiger’s Mouth point can decrease headache may be that it also loosens up neck muscles. However, we cannot say for sure if this is the reason. I …

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Inside the “Tiger’s Mouth;” Large Intestine 4 Headache Point Revisited

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | February 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the “Tiger’s Mouth?” Take your thumb and four fingers and separate them. You are now opening “the mouth” of the tiger. This opening of your fingers and thumbs allows you to apply pressure to the Large Intestine 4 acupoint between your thumb and forefinger. Chinese acupuncturists also name this point Hegu, otherwise known …

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Physical Therapy Rehab for Concussions

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | January 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Watch Out for Red Flags Be alert for a potential change of status for a client who seemed stable. Clients are normally cleared medically before proceeding to the physical therapy clinic. However, never take anything for granted with any client. I once saw a client who had passed through the system and came to our …

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Concussion Headaches

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | November 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

Concussions Have you or anyone you know sustained a concussion? If so, you know firsthand that concussions are yet another source of headaches. Usually, you move past the effects in several months if your concussion was mild.  Take steps, though, to make sure concussions are not a repeat performance! However, beware if you suffered a …

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What Are the Studies on Acupuncture/Acupressure for Headache Relief?

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | October 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

Studies on Acupuncture and Acupressure You will not find much in the way of acupressure studies and headaches. However, acupuncture treatment, which uses the same points, offers more study material. You do not need to sift through all the various studies yourself. Use a systematic review to aid you. What is a systematic review? A …

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Gall Bladder 20 Point for Headache Relief

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | September 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

Location of Point You can relieve your headache utilizing acupressure points far away from your head. We explored some of them in previous blogs. However, you find the Gall Bladder 20 headache relief point on your head, just where you might expect it. You can use your fingers to find and treat your headaches by …

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Triple Heater 4 and 5 Acupoints for Neck and Headache Pain

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | September 7, 2022 | 0 Comments

More Triple Heater Forearm Points Check out several other points in the Triple Heater meridian besides Triple Heater 9. Find Triple Heater 4 in-between the two bones in the back of your wrist, called the ulna and radius. Triple Heater 4 is exactly on the back part of your wrist joint where it bends. Let …

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Triple Heater 9 Acupressure Point for Headache and Neck Pain

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | August 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

What is the Triple Heater 9 Acupressure Point? For one thing, Triple Heater 9 acupressure point sounds cooler than some of the other acupressure points such as Large Intestine 4 that we have investigated. In addition, the Triple Heater meridian is the only one of the 12 main acupuncture meridians that does not have an …

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Stomach Meridian for Menstrual Headaches

By Craig Sather, Doctor of Physical Therapy | August 5, 2022 | 0 Comments

Your Stomach Meridian Connects to Your Abdominal Area Your body contains twelve main acupuncture meridians that go from head to toe. Consider that points on different acupuncture meridians relieve headaches. Usually, the point on a meridian may affect your head but not the organ it is named after. For instance, Large Intestine 4 and Liver …

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