Triple Heater 4 and 5 Acupoints for Neck and Headache Pain

More Triple Heater Forearm Points

Check out several other points in the Triple Heater meridian besides Triple Heater 9. Find Triple Heater 4 in-between the two bones in the back of your wrist, called the ulna and radius. Triple Heater 4 is exactly on the back part of your wrist joint where it bends. Let your wrist drop slightly down to uncover it.

By contrast, you can locate Triple Heater 5 two cun, or thumb widths, above the triple Heater 4 at the wrist joint. Again, Triple Heater 5 is also in-between these two bones of the radius and ulna on the back side of your forearm.

Triple Heater 4

This interesting point can relieve neck soreness. However, unlike Triple Heater 9, I do not find that Triple Heater 4 is as successful to relieve shoulder blade pain.

Note that if your wrist is stiff and not bending properly, this point may improve your wrist movement. Consequently, this increased mobility, again, will occur within a minute after you apply pressure to it. Generally, thirty seconds should be sufficient.

Realize that you may have some difficulty at first finding this point.  Your thumb may be too big to target the point properly unless you use the end of your thumb. Your index finger may work better for you. As a result, when you find the spot that jumps out at you as being more tender than the surrounding area, you likely have found the point.  Again, find the point right at the junction of your ulna and radius bones of your forearm.

Triple Heater 5

Along with the Triple Heater 4 acupoint, use Triple Heater 5 for your neck pain. Triple Heater 5 also can relieve headache pain. In addition, try this point for relief of your arm, shoulder, and shoulder blade pain.

Grasp the front of the forearm in your palm. Use the first joint in your thumb to massage this Triple Heater 5 point.

Use the Triple Heater 5 point for the same neck troubles you would the two other points Triple Heater 4 and 9.  Beyond that, address wrist problems you have with pressure to this point. Consider wrist tremors as another related problem you can use this point for.

When Do These Points Not Work?

When you do not feel immediate release, do not continue to press the points beyond the thirty seconds. If you have selective muscle fiber or tight fascial restriction in your neck and shoulder blade muscles, any effect from the points is likely to just bounce off. The Triple Heater Points are most useful when there is generalized muscle soreness, not firmly entrenched specific muscle fiber spasms.

What Other Problems Do These Point Remedy?

My textbooks promote Triple Heater 4 and 5 for help with tinnitus and even deafness. Yes, acupuncture can be used to help deafness!

In China, my instructor Dr. Zhang treated the son of a medical doctor. She brought this young man to Dr. Zhang as he had suffered a birth defect which left him deaf and unable to speak. His condition resulted from some type of chemical exposure.

I am aware some of the points Dr. Zhang used for the deafness. However, I do not know if the Triple Heater 4 or 5 points were among them. I do know that the mother was very happy that acupuncture improved her son’s hearing. He was able to speak more words after beginning acupuncture she reported to my translator.

As a brief digression, China is no stranger to chemical-contamination-caused birth defects. Environmental protection is not a highly valued attitude in that country at present. A heinous example I remember is the scandal of an infant milk formula manufacturer who slipped melamine into the baby’s milk just to increase their profit. One has extremely low standards if one can poison baby food just to make a few yuan.

There is one last condition people use Triple Heater 4 and 5 for I wanted to note. My textbooks mention these Triple Heater points are used to help generalized fever, and even malaria. I have not ever used acupressure for this purpose.  Hopefully you will personally not encounter malaria! Seek medical attention first in this event. Acupuncture treatment has its limits!


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