To James, Marie, Doug, Laura, Mom, and Dad. This is also dedicated to the further healing ministry of Jesus. ~ C.S.

Loaded with informative self-help techniques, beautiful illustrations, and descriptive photography to achieve freedom from headaches.


8 Chapter 1
Solutions for the Storm

12 Chapter 2
Hazardous Headaches –
Time for Immediate Medical Management

24 Chapter 3
Acupressure Action –
First Aid to Alleviate Headaches

52 Chapter 4
Headaches that Start in the Neck –
Practice Perfect Posture

78 Chapter 5
Tension Headache Turmoil –
Taming Tight Muscles

116 Chapter 6
Migraine Misery –
Soothing the Sensory Overload

152 Chapter 7
Methods to Mitigate Headaches –
A Young Woman’s Success Story After 11 Years

172 Chapter 8
Summarizing Solutions –
Next Steps

178 References

Solutions for the storm!

Headache pain may be likened to an approaching thunderstorm. The atmospheric conditions change, the sunny sky turns to gray, and the billowing, dark clouds and lightning advance over the horizon until the thunderstorm engulfs the person in waves of pain. The headache pain seems inescapable and a simple position change will not help the problem. When a headache episode hits, the temptation to use excessive medication can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, most of the millions of people enduring these headache storms have no idea that relief is at their fingertips. The purpose of this book is to provide a collection of self-help techniques that can be used to rapidly calm this headache storm.

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"Thank you so much for helping me manage (and get rid of!) my migraines. I haven't felt this good in years - I only wish I had gone to you sooner!"

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Marie, Minnesota

"The pain was unbearable. Learning those acupressure points has been a godsend." 

Jane, Wisconsin

"Thank you so much for finding the treatment for me.  I haven't had one migraine since my last visit, and I very rarely have even a headache."

Rita, Minnesota

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