Triple Heater 9 Acupressure Point for Headache and Neck Pain

What is the Triple Heater 9 Acupressure Point?

For one thing, Triple Heater 9 acupressure point sounds cooler than some of the other acupressure points such as Large Intestine 4 that we have investigated. In addition, the Triple Heater meridian is the only one of the 12 main acupuncture meridians that does not have an organ name associated with it.

Find Triple Heater 9 on the back of your forearm. Locate the bone on the outer tip of your elbow. Then move your fingers towards the back of your forearm. The point lies in-between your two forearm bones, which are the radius and the ulna.

Use the Chinese unit of measure called the “cun” to help you find the point. The cun is one of your thumb widths in diameter. Triple Heater 9 is five cun from the tip of the outer elbow bone to the back of the forearm.

Is It Hard to Find Triple Heater 9?

Don’t worry if you have trouble finding the exact point. You can see effects even if you are not always on the precise point. Make a circular pattern with your thumb or index finger over the general target area.

As you massage the back part of the forearm near the point, you will invariably go over the point. The area is tender even if you do not have a problem you are trying to fix. Rub the point for 30-60 seconds. I find actual contact on the precise Triple Heater 9 point for just 15 seconds is enough to see benefits.

What Does the Triple Heater 9 Point Do for Me?

You will frequently notice your neck turn easier immediately after the Triple Heater 9 point is pressed. In general, you may just perceive that your neck is looser and more relaxed after you press the point.

Given that people report a loosening of their shoulder blade and neck area, there are several muscles that might release. Consequently, likely candidates are the upper trapezius and levator scapular muscles. These muscles and the fascia around them attach to both your shoulder blade and then project to your neck vertebrae.

Both muscles can affect your migraines and tension headaches. Triple Heater 9 can be used to relieve headaches. Perhaps a release of the shoulder blade and neck muscles is the mechanism by which the point works.

I always like to see some measurable change during a session. Triple Heater 9 is one of those immediate difference makers both with decreased pain and increased neck motion.

What Else Can Triple Heater 9 Do?

My textbooks report Triple Heater 9 frequently is used to help sore throat and voice hoarseness. My textbooks also state Triple Heater 9 benefits toothache and deafness. I personally have not used Triple Heater 9 for these purposes.

You may find your wrist pain eases with massage to the Triple Heater 9 point. This effect would more likely come from more of a mechanical means. Muscles extend from the elbow to the wrist. Pressure to one area of a muscle can affect muscle pain in another part of the muscle.

For instance, you may feel as if you have arthritis in your wrist. However, your wrist pain may stem from muscle tissue further upstream. If the forearm muscles that go over the wrist joint are tight and tender, you may find the culprit here. Massage the area around Triple Heater 9 and you may see immediate reduction in your “arthritis” pain. Your wrist may move more freely.

Do not accept stiffness and pain as your normal and decide to just live with it. Answers to your pain are often closer than you think!


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