Stomach Meridian for Menstrual Headaches

Your Stomach Meridian Connects to Your Abdominal Area

Your body contains twelve main acupuncture meridians that go from head to toe. Consider that points on different acupuncture meridians relieve headaches. Usually, the point on a meridian may affect your head but not the organ it is named after. For instance, Large Intestine 4 and Liver 2 and 3 acupressure points may not have a clear-cut connection to the large intestine or liver.

However, unlike these other acupressure meridians, the Stomach meridian is different. The points on this meridian do affect abdominal conditions.

Consequently, several of the points on the Stomach meridian that help stomach issues also do double duty to help headaches. I find that Stomach 43 and 44 acupoints are two such points.

You may wonder what Stomach 43 and 44 acupressure points have to do with headaches. After all, isn’t their main effect on abdominal issues? Remember, migraine headaches may stem from different causes. Therefore, excess sensory input from the eyes, ears, nose can all trigger your migraine headache. Unfortunately, your upset stomach or menstrual cramps give your migraine another avenue to afflict you.

How Can I Best Apply Pressure to the Stomach 43 and 44 Points?

Find Stomach 43 (ST 43) at the depression in-between your toes where the second and third toes meet. Locate the Stomach 44 (ST 44) point is in the web space of the second and third toes. (Due to a technical glitch, I could not pull up the photo for Stomach 43 and 44. They are adjacent to the Liver 2 and 3 points between the first and second toes)

Cross one leg over the other, as you did for LIV 2 and LIV 3. Then, use your index or middle finger of your hand to apply pressure in-between the second and third toe. Find the points near the end of your toe bones.

Make sure your target is the top of your foot. Then, apply counterpressure on the underside of your foot. As a result, if these points are winners for you, you will know in about a minute if your cramping relaxes.

Realize that these points may be exquisitely tender, so do not bear down too hard. The Stomach 43 and 44 acupressure points can relieve your menstrual cramps and your menstrual headaches right along with your cramps. Consequently, my clients find this phenomenon quite weird, and I agree. It is weird.

What Else Can the Stomach 43 and 44 Points Be Used For?

Use these points for pleasant conditions such as indigestion, vomiting, and points for. Interestingly, Stomach 44 can be used for jaw pain and sore throat according to one of my sources, though I have not used the points for such purposes.

Stomach 36 is a significant point along the Stomach meridian. Use it for the same digestive system maladies mentioned above.  Consider Stomach 36 for menstrual cramps, though this function is not highlighted in my texts. However, calf pain relief is a natural benefit to this point.

Find this Stomach 36 point in the outer calf roughly four finger widths down from the lower border of your knee bone. Try using your knuckles to rub this point if needed.

Are There Other Points for Relief of Menstrual Cramps?

Consider several other points, Large Intestine 4, Liver 3, and Spleen 8. These points also provide headache and neck pain relief. A future blog will discuss Spleen 8.

Acupuncturist friends warn me about Spleen 6. Why? This point can facilitate significant labor and delivery point. It is purported to relief menstrual cramps but has not been one of my go-to points. In addition, it does not reduce headaches to my knowledge.

PRECAUTIONS. When Should I Not Use These Abdominal Relief Points?

Do not try to find relief with acupressure if you have an ulcer or other serious medical condition! Seek medical attention. Acupressure does not treat underlying abdominal disease!

In addition, do not use the abdominal relief points if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Consider that these points may cause a relaxation effect on the abdominal and pelvic area. If pregnant, premature pressure to these points may produce results you are not looking for! If you need headache relief, stick to the acupressure points in your head.


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